Poems To Get A Girl Back

A year ago I would never have guessed that using poems to get a girl back would save my relationship. When my fiancée Lucy left me I thought it was the end of the world. I couldn’t even get out of bed and go to work. I just had no idea how to live my life without her.

To me the idea of using poems to get a girl back was not obvious. I realized that the reason that Lucy had left me was because I was immature in some respects. She didn’t say it that bluntly of course, as she was trying to spare my feelings. When I went away and thought about it, I realized that I had made mistakes. I wanted to express my feelings to Lucy in a meaningful way but I couldn’t find the words. I work in IT, so you can probably guess I’m no wordsmith. Then I thought of using poems to get a girl back.

Lucy loved romantic movies and novels. She often mentioned her dream of being a mother to a large family and having a wonderful husband to look after. I couldn’t see that she needed me to make a transition and become that man. If your girlfriend loves romance then there is no doubt that poems to get a girl back could work for you. Not only could poetry help me find ways to express how I felt, but they would also appeal to Lucy’s romantic side.

You don’t need to know anything about poems to get a girl back for this to work for you. I started out by buying a few ebooks on romance and relationships, as well as one on romantic poetry. This doesn’t cost a lot of money, most of the books were between $15 and $50. Some of these ebooks will suggest poems to use.

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Here are some of the poems to get a girl back that I used. One of the best known of the romantic poets was John Keats. One of his most famous poems is called Bright Star, a love sonnet to his fiancé, Fanny Brawne. Although they were engaged, Keats could not afford to marry Brawne on a writer’s salary. He died at only 25 years of age. This was the first of the poems to get a girl back that I sent to Lucy.

I’ll admit, Keats is heavy reading and it took me a few attempts to get my head around it totally. The next of the poems to get a girl back that I used was Your Oceanic Eyes by Pablo Neruda. This poem is modern and a little easier to understand. I chose it because Lucy has such beautiful eyes, so perhaps you can find a poem about one of the beautiful features of your girlfriend.

I sent one poem a week to Lucy. I would also write her a letter about my life, what I was doing and just talking about news. Since I was thinking about poems to get a girl back a lot, I started paying attention to song lyrics on the radio more. Whenever I heard a song that made me think of Lucy I would write down the title. Later, I would track down a copy of the lyrics and send them to Lucy in the mail.

Lucy and I are now back together. There was a lot that I had to do to rebuild out relationship, but poetry was a big part of it. Hopefully this will help you get your girl back as well.

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